Stripboard layout for the NPN version of a Vox Tonebender guitar pedal.

Vox Tone Bender On Stripboard

June 28, 2024

Here’s the Vox Tone Bender, a great early fuzz pedal that’s sure to please. The build I’ve done here is the NPN version of the pedal, so it’s slightly different from the original, which used PNP transistors. The big difference here is that this NPN layout allows for negative ground, putting inline with the what’s […]

Stripboard layout for a ZVEX Super Hard On boost pedal

ZVEX Super Hard On On Stripboard

June 20, 2024

Time to build a ZVEX Super Hard On! The Super Hard On, or SHO, by ZVEX is a nice little boost pedal. It offers a fairly clean boost with only a little bit of clipping at higher gain levels. It’s also transparent, so all it’s doing is pushing your sound as far as it can, […]

Example of blank stripboard.

What Is Stripboard And How Do You Read Layouts?

June 13, 2024

Also called Veroboard, stripboard was originally made for prototyping electronic circuits. It’s still called Veroboard a lot because it was originally made by a company called Vero Technologies, but a lot of people (like me) use the generic name stripboard. Stripboard is made of a non-conductive top layer where you place your components and a […]

Stripboard layout of a Purple Plexi by Lovepedal

Lovepedal Purple Plexi On Stripboard

June 12, 2024

Let’s build a Purple Plexi by Lovepedal! Lovepedal’s Purple Plexi is designed to sound like an old Marshall guitar amp from the 60’s, 70’s, with a little bit of 80’s thrown in there for good measure. The “Plexi” name comes from the nickname of a line of Marshall amps that used Plexiglas panels. There’s a […]

Strip board layout of the Harmonic Jerculator

Escobedo Harmonic Jerculator On Stripboard

May 28, 2024

The Escobedo Harmonic Jerculator is a wonderful little fuzz circuit that packs plenty of punch. This pedal is based on the classic fuzz pedal from Interfax called the Harmonic Percolator. The Harmonic Percolator isn’t made any more, and the geranium transistors used for it are hard to find these days, so the Harmonic Jerculator was […]