Diagram showing how to wire a 2.1 mm power socket for centre pin ground.

How To Wire A Guitar Pedal DC Power Jack

June 26, 2024

Although it’s important to correctly place and solder in every guitar pedal component, at the end of any pedal build, perhaps the most important thing to get right is wiring the power supply. Sure, there are passive pedals out there that don’t require a power supply, but most of what you’re building is going to […]

Example of blank stripboard.

What Is Stripboard And How Do You Read Layouts?

June 13, 2024

Also called Veroboard, stripboard was originally made for prototyping electronic circuits. It’s still called Veroboard a lot because it was originally made by a company called Vero Technologies, but a lot of people (like me) use the generic name stripboard. Stripboard is made of a non-conductive top layer where you place your components and a […]

Guitar pedal PCB

What Is A PCB?

PCB stands for “printed circuit board,” and that’s pretty much what it is. Using special printers, all connections needed between components are created and the holes needed or each component are also put in place. In this way, all that’s needed to build a guitar pedal (or whatever you’re making) is to populate the PCB […]

Mono 6.35mm socket showing where to wire ground and where to wire live.

How To Wire 6.35mm (1/4″) Socket

June 4, 2024

Before launching into this quick article on how to wire a 6.35 mm socket, I’m going to tare the band-aid off and talk vernacular. The thing pictured here goes by many names: 1/4 inch jack or socket if you live in the U.S.A. 6.35 mm jack or socket if you live anywhere else. Guitar jack […]

Diagram of the inside of a potentiometer.

Potentiometer Wiring: How To Wire A Potentiometer

May 20, 2024

Potentiometers are an electronics component that are essentially used as variable resistors in guitar pedals and other electronics. I have an article on how potentiometers work and the different types if you want more information, but if you’re already pretty familiar with potentiometers but need information on how to wire them, you’re in the right […]