Harmonic Jerculator clone named the Jerk Chicken.I’m Chas, I do most of the writing and tinkering here.

Guitar has been a passion of mine for more than 20 years now. Like many guitarists, I’ve developed an interest in gear over time that has lead me to making my own guitar pedals. It started with some pedal kits and now I’m modifying designs and creating my own sounds. It’s a hell of a lot of fun!

This site is an outlet for me to put guitar pedal making knowledge in one place. I also find that writing it down helps me understand things better. I hope that you get something out of the resources here, just as I’m getting something out of it as well.

While I know a thing or two about guitar and DIY guitar pedals, I’m going to be the first to admit that I, like many others, have a lot to learn. And it’s also hard to explain stuff. What I’ve found though is that the DIY guitar pedal community is a friendly one. So feedback is always appreciated if I’ve missed something.

In real life, I run a digital marketing agency in Australia. Hardly as much fun as making music, but something has to pay the bills…

Guitar Pedal Artwork

While building guitar pedals is a lot of fun, it’s also just as fun to make them look cool.

Personally, I suck at this part of things, and that’s where Sarah comes in. Sarah has helped develop the look and feel of Crazy Chicken Guitar Pedals. We’ve gone with a basic, homegrown design for our pedals that we reckon not only looks cool but is also easy to create. 

Sarah has a background in painting and can create some truly wonderful art. She’s done well to translate her skills into the smaller canvas that is guitar pedal enclosures and made her designs fast and repeatable. It takes a bit of Punk Rock thinking with Pop Art design principles, but she’s pulled it off.

This is just a hobby, after all. Some DIY guitar pedal makers create some amazing art for their pedals and even get stickers and decals made up. Good on them! That’s not our style.

Here’s we’re all about hand-wired guitar pedals, hand painted enclosures, and hand written labeling.